Foragers Gardening Trug (To Order)

Foragers Gardening Trug (To Order)

A trug for all occasions.


Whether you're happiest in the garden cutting flowers, or out foraging in the woods for mushrooms and wild herbs, or busy in the workshop with joinery chisels, this trug has endless possibilities. Fill it with a thermos, sour dough and a blanket for a stroll through the park or out onto the open moors. 


Made from British Oak bark tanned leather of 3.8mm thickness, and 1 inch wide handles made from Oak bark bridle leather, this trug will adventure with you for many many years, and if cared for will be handed down through the generations. 

Not too light and not too heavy, the perfect balance to swing on your arm. 

Hand stitched for durability and strength, copper saddlers rivets attaching the handles and hand burnished edges to close up the fibres of the leather. 

47 lx 25 w x 18 d

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