Leather is a natural material that over time will need to be cared for to help it last a long life. Just like our skin, it can dry out if exposed to too much light, water and extremes in temperature changes.

For the first 6-12 months the natural oils in the leather will be enough to keep it happy and healthy. After this time I recommend using a small amount of nut oil, or a leather conditioner from an agricultural shop or an online store to help replenish the oils in the leather and keep it supple and help it patina and age. 

Use a very small amount of whichever oil or conditioner you choose, either put a little on your hands or a cloth and rub gently all over the leather surface – be advised that sometimes the oil/conditioner can darken the leather slightly.  


If you have any questions regarding caring for your leather – whether I made the item it or not – please feel free to get in contact ….. After all, leather is something that I believe will last you a lifetime of use and joy, but to make that be a long life it must be looked after and cared for just as we care for ourselves. 


In the next few months, I will be working on creating a natural leather feed to help care for your leather. Using local Devonshire beeswax, lanolin from local Devonshire sheep herds and a Cob nut oil from Cob nuts grown and pressed in Kent UK.  The recipe isn’t quite there yet but I am working hard (and making my kitchen smell divine) to get the quantities correct. When ready it will be available to buy through the website.