Welcome to the little shop of


I am the sole maker and designer of this small leather business, which began in 2016.


I work from a small workshop deep on the moors of the Dartmoor National Park in Devon. Using traditional tools and techniques from days of old, I work hard to design and craft items that are simple and traditional, robust yet practical.


Leather has a beautiful character, with each hide being different from the last. I celebrate the many marks, scars and colourations, which make each piece completely unique. The leather will age over time, darkening and softening with use and touch, adapting and moulding to its users needs, this leather will grow old with you.


Leather has always held a large place in my heart, from my humble beginnings as a professional equine groom and eventer, leather has been there in every part of my life; from saddles and bridles to bags and belts, good stomping boots to take me through festivals fields and moorland doggy walking adventures.


Many years ago I treated myself to a leatherworking course in Devon, having always wanted to be a saddler ad harness maker I decided to pursue a smaller version of this dream. From the first few minutes of the course I was hooked and realised I had a creative flare with leather. I continued to learn leatherwork and leather craft through books and videos and short courses and practised until the wee small hours. Armed with new knowledge, skills and small box of tools I decided to turn my passionate dream into a business, and from this Warriner Leather Works was born.